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AntiQuark photoblog

I think I'll take a swing at photoblogging. Now that it's summer, I'll be spending less time surfing for good links to blog, and more time outdoors, playing with my kids and experiencing the real world.

Plus, photography is one of those hobbies that can make you look very creative, without requiring much thought or effort. Bonus!

Here's the link to AntiQuark::Photography. I'll try to update once a day or so. It's based on the free pixelpost software, but I also added a "zoomout" button for people with lower monitor resolutions.

If you have a subscription service like Bloglines, you can subscribe to the RSS or ATOM feeds, so you don't have to keep checking the page manually.

Mad props to Andrew who showed me the light with his photoblog, PhotonicEye.

Photoblog Awards
If you're not familiar with the phenomenon of photoblogging, check out the Photobloggies to see some people who really know how to take pitchers.


Knuth Article

In his home libarry.

Love at First Byte
Really good article on Knuth that covers pretty much everything.

I've often mused on the idea of following a similar career path as Knuth, and of course ending up with fame and fortune.

Like Knuth, my first step will be to get the highest GPA in my math course at university. Unfortunately, that will involve traveling back in time, and changing my rank from thirtieth to first. (NOTE TO SELF: investigate purchase of time machine on eBay.)

(via j-walk blog.)

TeX Font Samples
Japanese page with a few TeX/LaTeX font examples.


Nefertiti (and Other Beauties)

Nefertiti: Drawing Board Beauty
Nefertiti's chin, mouth, and nose, and the uraeus cobra are placed along the vertical axis of the face. The nostrils are exactly one finger distant from each side of this median line; the outer ends of the eyebrows are three fingers from the median line and the center of each ear is four fingers,

That seems correct. Just take a Nefertiti image, superimpose a regular grid, and you can see that her facial features fall upon gridlines.

(Click for full face. Non-gridded face here.)

Each eye is three squares wide, with the iris being one square in width. The nose is four squares wide, and the corners of the eyes are separated by four squares. In fact, the nostrils and corners of the eyes form a perfect square. I don't think this was done for numerological reasons -- it's possible the artisans of the time used a simple grid system to record and convey portraits.

Dude looks like a lady?

Nefertiti Resurrected (NOT!)
Remember that documentary on the Discovery channel in which "scientists" reconstructed Nefertiti's face based on her actual mummy?

Didn't you think that the face had a "manly" quality to it? I sure did. The producers of the CBC series Disclosure probably thought so too. They did some DNA tests, and discovered that the mummy actually belonged to a man.

CBC informed the Discovery bigwigs that the purported Nefertiti mummy was really a man-mummy. Of course, they were completely ignored:
When versions of Nefertiti Resurrected went to air recently in the United Kingdom and Canada, there were no new elements added.

An old site that's still good for a re-read. It's an in-depth scientific investigation of the characteristics of beauty, based on computer generated images of faces.
Virtual Attractiveness: A remarkable result of our research project is that faces which have been rated as highly attractive do not exist in reality. This became particularly obvious when test subjects (independently of their sex!) favoured women with facial shapes of about 14 year old girls. There is no such woman existing in reality! They are artificial products - results of modern computer technology.

How To Draw Beautiful Women
*Even How To Draw Cowgirls!:

And Much More!

Oh the humanity.

Beauty In Music: The Ultimate Guide to the Hottest Women in Classical Music
I notice that there's a shortage of sackbut babes. The sackbut industry should take notice, and recruit more hot babes before it reaches the point where nobody knows what a sackbut is.

Exotic Indian Dance in Office 2
(YouTube or GoogleVid)

The beauty of youth.
Technically, it's safe for work. (Technically.)