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Knuth Article

In his home libarry.

Love at First Byte
Really good article on Knuth that covers pretty much everything.

I've often mused on the idea of following a similar career path as Knuth, and of course ending up with fame and fortune.

Like Knuth, my first step will be to get the highest GPA in my math course at university. Unfortunately, that will involve traveling back in time, and changing my rank from thirtieth to first. (NOTE TO SELF: investigate purchase of time machine on eBay.)

(via j-walk blog.)

TeX Font Samples
Japanese page with a few TeX/LaTeX font examples.


  • At 5/17/2006 1:24 PM, Anonymous Andrew said…

    If you ever manage to get your hands on a time machine, I'm sure there's better things you can do with it other than getting a higher mark in math.

    How about robbing a bank in the future, and then travelling back in time with the money. Good way to launder it.

    Or invest money, take it out in the future, and travel back in time and invest it all again. Repeat till satisfied.


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