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Thesis Update

Thesis Update

Slow Blogging
Also, due to the increase of "AARGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" in my life, blogging will be slow. Instead of monthly posting, maybe I'll try for a biannual post.

My thesis advisor went through my first draft with a fine-toothed comb. I have to fix dozens of typos, plus I wrote the whole thing in first person (i.e. "I did an experiment") when it should have been third person (i.e. "An experiment was done"). The contractions (isn't, aren't, doesn't, etc) all have to go too.

He also crossed out a lot of sentences where I spoke informally about things. I guess I wasn't surprised that he removed my reference to the hypothetical "Fart Owl."

I'm a little disappointed about that one. It is 2006 after all... Should not engineers be able say the word "fart" without embarassment? Am I right, people?

As a form of protest, I plan to fart during my presentation. I'm still trying to decide if it will be a silent protest, or a loud, raucous one.


  • At 2/11/2006 9:43 PM, Bill Meisel said…

    My Master's Thesis in Statistics was 6 months late because I couldn't get a computer program to run.
    I was disappointed that my advisor took out a lot of my explanation that I put in to try to make it more comprehensible.

    But I finished and passed -- You will too. Best.


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