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Slow Blogging, Etc

Slow blogging... I'm trying to finish off my !@#$ thesis this month.

Google Image Rip
Image search that bypasses the thumbnails and directly shows the full sized images. Good for entertaining kids -- just type in "dinosaur" or "skeleton" or "robot", and awayyy we go.

The Blue Ball Machine

Rube Goldberg meets the intarweb. Guaranteed to keep the attention of the younguns for several seconds.
(via Huge Entity)

Funny Search Term
Someone arrived here searching for superbly muscled buttocks. Heh, my page is number two. I think I'll change my slogan to "ANTIQUARK: SUPERBLY MUSCLED BUTTOCKS".

Trained Wasps May Be Used To Detect Bombs
Since wasps are distantly related to ants, I see no reason why it wouldn't be possible to breed ants that build hills over landmines.


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