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Mars Global Surveyor Telemetry

MGS Telemetry Index
When nobody's around, I open these pages in full-screen mode, point at them with a pencil, and say things like, "I understand your worries Bob, but notice the gaseous helium pressure is 1300 PSI. As far as I'm concerned, aerobraking is a GO!"

These pages claim that the telemetry is "live" -- yeah, maybe in 1999 it was!

(via the MGS page)

Mars Pathfinder Rover Telemetry (1997)
Raw telemetry data, not organized in an easy-to-read manner. There are some graphs though.
UNDER CONSTRUCTION: This page was last updated Tuesday January 20, 1998.
Under construction? I'm eagerly awaiting the next update.

CANDOS Shuttle Telemetry Experiment
Seems to be an experiment that sent non-essential data to a LabView application. From the color scheme, it looks like it was designed for elementary students.


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