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Little Joe II

Image from the enormous (but hard to navigate) Apollo Archive.

Apollo Little Joe II Historical Brochure
Technical pamplet on the solid booster used to test the Apollo Command and Service module aerodynamics. It looks sort of stubby, but it was almost as big as a Mercury-Atlas rocket. The original scans are a bunch of TIF files; I've downsized and converted them to JPGs for ease of reading. Here are the 12 pages:
little-joe-ii-a.jpg little-joe-ii-b.jpg little-joe-ii-c.jpg little-joe-ii-d.jpg little-joe-ii-e.jpg little-joe-ii-f.jpg little-joe-ii-g.jpg little-joe-ii-h.jpg little-joe-ii-i.jpg little-joe-ii-j.jpg little-joe-ii-k.jpg little-joe-ii-l.jpg

Google produces a lot of good results: search for "Little Joe II".

RocketDyne Screen Savers
EXE screen savers about big rocket engines and such.


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