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Old Anatomy; Best Theorems

"Hey wait a minute, that's my own skin I'm holding onto... AIIEEEE!"

Historical Anatomies on the Web
Via Mr. Sun, who asks:
Did you ever wish you could find a single, easy-to-use, well-organized resource for pictures of guts and stuff?
This isn't just an archive of plain old guts, these are HISTORICAL guts!

Top Theorems
I'm getting really sick of lists. There are even TV shows based on lists now. What's next, the list of the top lists? It seems like a lazy way to combine a bunch of distantly related things together, with the main connection being the author's arbitrary appraisal of ultimate-ness, or worst-ness, or who-gives-a-rat's-ass-edness.

That being said, here's a thrown-together list of The Hundred Greatest Theorems:
at a mathematics conference in July, 1999, Paul and Jack Abad presented their list of "The Hundred Greatest Theorems." Their ranking is based on the following criteria: "the place the theorem holds in the literature, the quality of the proof, and the unexpectedness of the result."
(via MathForge)


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