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A pile of Knuth links from the backlog...

Home page of Sean Barrett, dysfunctional programmer
Someone's hard-earned KnuthBucks. Knuth gives a $2.56 reward (that's a hexadecimal dollar) for every error found in his books or software. (image here)

Knuth's first analysis of an algorithm
Thanks to the web, everybody can now have easy access to an original of Don Knuth's NOTES ON "OPEN" ADDRESSING .

Breakfast with Knuth
Two guys have breakfast with Knuth and live to tell about it.

Read it and gawk. It's 34 pages long.

Here's the one about Don Knuth.
A cartoon that's only funny if you're familiar with Knuth's writings. (via)

This is Knuth 3:16
One of Knuth's books, 3:16 Bible Texts Illuminated, is a tour of the Bible that looks only at Chapter 3, Verse 16 of each book. Knuth 3:16 is a humorous parody page from thousands of years in the future, in which Knuth's life and philosophy is reconstructed by looking at chapter 3, verse 16 of each of his books.

S'Karaoke Halloween Party
Gallery of a Halloween Karaoke party at which Knuth sang. Sadly, there are no audio files.

TeX the Lion
Some pics of Knuth with TeX the Lion.

Musings and More
Video lectures, which I've mentioned here before.

Donald Knuth, Founding Artist of Computer Science
8-minute audio interview on NPR.

Chapter 2: Donald Knuth: Leonard Euler of Computer Science
Nice biography.

And last, but not least...
Home Page
Knuth's Stanford home page.


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