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Dermoid Cyst
A malady that's both revolting and interesting
These evil-looking, but benign, tumors result from a very independent (or confused) egg thinking that it can develop on its own with only half of its own genetic material, and the result is something that even a mother could not love: a monstrous ball of sebaceous glands, cartilage, teeth, hair, and various other cellular structures.

Pegasus Rocket User's Guide (PDF)
Pamphlet if you're in the market for a low-cost (~15 million) launch vehicle. The Pegasus rocket is carried to 40,000 feet by a jet where it's released and launched into orbit. It's such a well-designed system that the Orbital team won a National Medal of Technology.
(Via Orbital Space Launch Systems. Another good one pager here.)

Gallery of Natural Phenomena
Ancient (and recent) accounts of strange natural occurrences. Reading these (especially the "curiosities" section) makes me wonder which ones are myths, which ones are real, and which ones are myths that are based on some real event.


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