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Museums; Toilets; Drunks; Skylab

Chase Studio
You ever wonder who makes all those models and dioramas you see in museums? Chase Studio might have made a few of them. Well-illustrated site with lots of explanations.

Toilets of the World
One man's gallery of toilets he's seen from all over. Fortunately, he refuses to show us the worst of the worst:
Toilets I WON'T Show...
the flat-out scariest toilet I've ever seen, a vision of Hell to give Dante the heebie-jeebies, was an underground public toilet in a park near Novodevichy Convent in Moscow. The "toilets" were knee-high stubs of culvert drainage pipes. The floor was covered in about an inch of liquified filth continuously replenished by a couple of "toilets" in reverse ooze mode. The atmosphere had an ammonia content about equal to that of Venus.

Off the Cuff and Under the Table
Glossary and etymology of terms for drunkeness. Lots of them I already knew, but a some of them ("to be plastered", "to be tight", or "three sheets to the wind") had interesting origins. (Thanks, Kirby!)

Figure 28. Astronaut activities during a typical 24-hour period.

SKYLAB: A Guidebook
All-inclusive guidebook on Skylab's design, operation, and research programs.

Skylab, first operational in 1973 (that's 32 years ago).

(via Skylab Program Overview.)


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