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Wolfram; Skulls; Amateur Rocketry

Wolfram Axiom
Heh, Wolfram (of New Kind of Science "fame") has his own axiom:

More info on super-simplified axiom systems for Boolean algebra here.

His A Closer Look section shows skulls of animals that were either killed or injuried in various ways:
Small-bore rifle
Large-bore rifle
Lucky, The Greenland Dog
Railway Casualty

Hey, Our Rocket Melted Again!
Latest glitch from the rocket scienticians at Armadillo Aerospace. (A comedy of errors if there ever was one.) They made a rocket engine out of aluminum, and it melted. Now they're going to make one out of copper. Someone should show them this table. Then they would learn interesting facts like the melting point of aluminum being 1218, and the melting point of copper being 1981, which pales in comparison to cheaper and stronger steel, with a melting point of 2400 - 2750.

And what's with the rocket tests melting the jig? (The rocket points downwards and destroys the base.) Why is this even a problem? There's no need to re-engineer the jig with temperature-resistant materials--just do what the genii at XCOR do, and point the engine sideways. DUH!

USAF Museum Rocket Engine Gallery
Exceedingly slow-loading gallery of rocket engines.


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