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South Pointing Chariots

The ancient Chinese south-pointing chariot was a cart that used a differential gearing so that the chair on top always pointed south.

South Pointing Chariot
The page that started my several-minute-long love affair with SPCs.

South Pointing Things
The be-all, end-all site on SPCs.

South Pointing Penguin
A small model (ride, penguin, ride!) with a clean design and clear pictures.

DR Gears SPC
Short one-pager.

The Fifth R
A detailed Lego SPC.

SPC: Audio Episode
Short radio "article" (3 minutes) about the SPC.

Interview with Kit Williams
A pompous artist brags about the one he built.

South Pointing Cart
A human-ridable version at some museum somewhere.

Mechanical Compass Notes
There's another Lego one in this page.


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