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Space Program Mega Archive

Space Cowboy Saloon
Massive (and I mean MASSIVE) archive of pictures, videos and audios of anything and everything related to the US Space program, from the JFK speeches that charted the course in 1961 all the way to Rutan's SpaceShipOne of just a few months ago.

Fave vids:
Apollo 11 Liftoff (14 MB), at this page. The announcer, Jack King, sounds like he's ready to shit. From Jack King: The Voice of Apollo:
His adrenalin was flowing like a waterfall as the countdown approached zero. Indeed his consuming passion for space exploration comes through when one carefully listens to the tapes of his narrative, 10...9...ignition sequence start! 65...4...3...21...ZERO, All engines running. LIFTOFF ON APOLLO 11!
That's for sure.

Saturn V Stage Separation (26 MB), at this page. The silent serenity of watching stages detach and fall to the Earth below is relaxing for some reason. These films were ejected from the interstages and had to be recovered from the ocean afterwards.


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