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Yawns; Math Writing; C++ Update

The Gaping Maw
Hundreds of pictures of animals with their mouths open. It's actually more interesting than it sounds. (via POE).

Knuth: Mathematical Writing (PDF)
The lecture notes for this video course. I watched a few of the lectures and they seemed interesting enough, but at 27 lectures of one hour each, reading the notes is much more efficient, time-wise. (local cache here).

C++ TR1 Information
C++ hippie Scott Meyers has combined links to all the proposed C++ enhancements (for the next standard update) in one place
TR1 ("Technical Report 1") is a specification for new functionality being added to C++'s standard library. This functionality takes the form of new class and function templates for things like hash tables, reference-counting smart pointers, regular expressions, and more.
(via comp.std.c++).


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