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Fluids Gallery; Aristotle; Theoretical Simplicity

Gallery of Fluid Flow Images
Large gallery of scientific images relating to fluid dynamics. All images have brief explanations, and a few have links to external papers.

Aristotle: On the Generation of Animals
Back in those days, you could become a world famous philosopher by basically making shit up. To wit:
The cause of the hairs being long or short depends on the evaporating moisture not being easily dried. Of this there are two causes, quantity and quality; if the liquid is much it does not dry up easily nor if it is greasy. And for this reason the hairs of the head are longest in man, for the brain, being fluid and cold, supplies great abundance of moisture.
Men go grey on the temples first, because the back of the head is empty of moisture owing to its containing no brain, and the 'bregma' has a great deal of moisture, a large quantity not being liable to decay; the hair on the temples however has neither so little that it can concoct it nor so much that it cannot decay, for this region of the head being between the two extremes is exempt from both states. The cause of greyness in man has now been stated.
I was born in the wrong millenium. I would have been a GREAT philosopher!

Simplicity Theory
Is this a new field of mathematics? Or is it just the name of a course? Via the super MIT OpenCourseWare page.

The DG (-, ≡) is left translation-invariant.

This is an advanced topics course in model theory whose main theme is simple theories. We treat simple theories in the framework of compact abstract theories, which is more general than that of first order theories. We cover the basic properties of independence (i.e., non-dividing) in simple theories, the characterisation of simple theories by the existence of a notion of independence, and hyperimaginary canonical bases.
Yeah, what he said.


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