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Godel; Canadian Maps

Master of the Continuum.

The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic: Kurt Godel
Special issue dedicated to Kurt Godel. Table of contents:
# The Gödel editorial project: A synopsis
# Future tasks for Gödel scholars
# Only two letters: The correspondence between Herbrand and Gödel184.
# On Gödel's way in: the influence of Rudolf Carnap
# What did Gödel believe and when did he believe it?
# Gödel's conceptual realism
# Gödel's reformulation of Gentzen's first consistency proof for arithmetic: the no-counterexample interpretation,
BSL is freely available online. The archives go back to 1995.

Atlas of Canada
A multitudinous plethora (i.e., lots and lots) of maps of Canada. Virtually every statistic is represented in this atlas.

Canada has tsunamis??? (red dots.)

Just as I suspected. The divorce leaders are those damn, marriage hatin' Yukonese!

"Change in Area of Potatoes, 1991 to 2001." I dunno, the title seemed comical for some reason.


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