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Apollo 12 Cuff Checklist (via Apollo Lunar Surface Journal.)
Scans of the historic lunar checklist. From the Wikipedia article:
The Apollo 12 backup crew managed to 'insert' into the astronaut's lunar checklist (attached to the wrists of Conrad's and Bean's spacesuits) reduced sized pictures of Playboy centerfolds, thus introducing pornography to the moon for the first time when Conrad and Bean were looking through the lists during their first EVA.
Here's Alan Bean's own account of the prank:
Knowing there were some people on Earth who wouldn't see the humor of these little additional illustrations, I said nothing over the radio, but hopped over to Pete and gave him a look. He laughed and said nothing but pointed to his checklist, too. Our backup crew of Dave Scott and Jim Irwin hadn't forgotten either of us.
I looked through the other checklists, and Apollo 12 was the only one with porn. I wonder why NASA discontinued it? Maybe the astronauts were spending too much time masturbating (beyond the alotted limits.)

Space Flight Bloopers
Some funny ones here...
Tang, orange-drink sponsor of CBS coverage of the mission, was not pleased when Young confided to a crewmate, not knowing that his words were being broadcast live: "I got the farts again... I mean, I haven't eaten this much citrus fruit in twenty year...in another twelve f***ing days, I ain't never eating any more...I'll be damned if I'm goint to be buried in oranges.."


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