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So I'm working on my thesis the other night, and due to an unexpected turn of events caused mostly by procrastination, I ended up creating THE VISIBLE FROG!(TM). Hover your mouse over the progression bar to see THE VISIBLE FROG!(TM) reveal his internal organs in lifelike clarity! Click the "Auto" button to watch THE VISIBLE FROG!(TM) get shaved down into nothingness in the blink of an eye! Zoom into THE VISIBLE FROG!(TM) to get a really good look at what he ate for breakfast!

Unfortunately, I don't think my thesis adviser will give me any marks for THE VISIBLE FROG!(TM). Electrical engineering projects aren't usually related to amphibian guts.

THE VISIBLE FROG!(TM) was tested with IE, Mozilla and Firefox. It works better with Moz & FF -- you can scroll around and the progression bar always stays visible.

Note: THE VISIBLE FROG!(TM) has to load 2 MB of images before it will work properly. If you're on a dialup, you might have to wait a while.


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