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Nuclear Slide Rules; Radium Suppositories

Nuclear Slide Rules
...This calculator is used to estimate the yield, in kilotons, of a nuclear weapon. It permits various measured parameters of the explosion to be used: the time in seconds from the flash to the bang and the observed width of the cloud; the distance to ground zero and the observed width of the cloud; the fireball illumination time, and; the flash to band time and the elevation angle.
(via The Oughtred Society)

And looking further on the orau.org site, I rediscovered a page that I blogged a looong time ago, but that appears to have been updated somewhat...

Radioactive Quack Cures
Here are few of the new items (at least, items I don't remember seeing before): Radium Bath Salts, Radium Bread, Radioactive Toothpaste and, last but not least, Radium Suppositories.


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