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Boost Logo Contest

The Boost C++ Library project is having a logo contest. Boost is a massive, well-written library that makes full use of every advanced feature of C++. Here's the original announcement.

One of the requirements seems a little onerous:
- Any logo submission that is blatantly racist, sexist, obscene, or otherwise discriminatory will be rejected.
Well that eliminates 90% of my ideas.

If you win, you get a T-shirt with your logo on it, as well as a book on C++ Template Metaprogramming.

With the help of an artistically gifted cow-orker, I designed my very own logo submission:

If I were an artsy fartsy type I would say, "the logo evokes parallel themes - boosting energy - positivity - fundamental components - energy and attraction - OO, object oriented - incremental advances - separation yet unity." (Did you hear the one about the Zen Buddhist who went to Subway? He walks up to the counter and says "make me one with everything.")

Afterwards, I did some google searching and found a preliminary not-really-public Boost logo page (which doesn't seem available at the moment):Preliminary Logos. Wow, my logo looks a lot like some of their logos. I guess you can only go so far with the word "boost", the letter "C" and "+" symbols.


  • At 3:50 PM, Anonymous said…

    It still looks suspiciously erotic. Is that a ring of barbed wire around the phallic C==== ?? ;-)

  • At 6:38 PM, Derek said…

    Erotic? Nonsense. Many people all over the world find schlong-barb-wiring to be a relaxing, wholesome part of their daily routine, and not erotic in the very least!

  • At 9:10 AM, James Weatherley said…

    Good work! A colleague and I were wasting time looking at the logos and likewise reckoned we could do a better job. Check out James Weatherley, Simon O'Leary and Sangeeta Martin's fine efforts.

  • At 12:11 PM, Derek said…

    They all look great James!


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