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Clearing the Backlog

Clearing out the backlog a little bit...

Lithops Species
Also known as living stone plants. Their weirdness is offset by the fact that they're only 2 cm wide. They'd be a lot creepier if they were, like, a foot wide.

The BOMA Tungsten Pen
Probably the heaviest damn pen in the world. Comes with a choice of titanium, "Alloy X-750" and tungsten endcaps for different balance options. Cost: $345 to $380, depending on the endcap. To quote:
Pick up an INKLING® BOMApen™ and savor the sensation of Gravity slipping back into your life. They have a gyroscopic feel in the hand and almost act like they're magnetized to the ground. Of all the natural forces, Gravity is the only force intuitively ingrained into the foundation of our reality. We account for it so fluidly and automatically that it's completely invisible. The astonishing heft of a BOMApen drags Gravity back into your conscious world for your entertainment and meditation.

The World Flag
A variety of flags intended to represent the planet Earth.

Simplify 2 (Applet)
A freaking hard sliding block puzzle by Ed Pegg of mathpuzzle.com. I worked at it for 400 moves and got nowhere — then again I'm not really a great puzzler. It's frustrating because the puzzle "forces" you to make barriers against yourself that block all your moves. Things like this make me consider the possibility that resistentialism might be an actual phenomona.


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