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eBay: Advice for Buyers

How to determine if an eBay seller is any good.
If the seller has more than just a few negative feedbacks, you should not bid. This is true even if the seller has sold thousands of items. You may say to yourself, "20 negative feedbacks isn't that bad for someone who has sold 2,000 items that's only 1%". But 20 negative feedbacks is a terrible track record. It is entirely possible for a seller to sell thousands of items and get very little negative feedback. Do you really want to buy from someone who has made 20 customers angry?
You should also look at the seller's responses to the negative feedback. If the responses are angry and defensive, then you should avoid that seller. In addition, you should look at the feedback the seller has left others. If the seller gives a lot of negative feedback, then you should avoid that seller, as it means you may get negative feedback too.
Some sellers have discovered a dirty little secret, and that is that they can get negative feedback and still do a good business on eBay. They have learned that there are plenty of careless buyers who don't check feedback or don't know how much negative feedback is too much.

Given my (meager) experience on eBay, it seems that an approval rating of 99% isn't all that good, and 98% is scraping rock bottom. Hell, Paypal won't let sellers provide Buyer Protection if the seller doesn't have at least a 98% rating. That fact in itself says volumes.


  • At 4/30/2008 9:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I don't have any eBay selling experience, but I sold a ton of books on Amazon, and there are plenty of idiots that will give you bad ratings for no particular reason. For starters, most people give you 5 stars if everything was OK, but there are about 1 in 30 who have the notion that 3 is for normal service, 4 for above the call of duty, and 5 only goes for "exceeding expectations" in the form of sending you an extra book or so. I would get these ratings like "3 - Great condition, fast delivery"!?!

    They there are the morons who give you a 1 if anything goes wrong, the equivalent of the death penalty for jaywalking. For instance, the delivery was a bit slow or the return address label fell off: 1. They got the damn book as described. What would they rate me if the book didn't arrive at all? They've left no room in their ratings for that.


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