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Steroids, Sellers, Filters and Flowcharts

Some backlog clearing...

The Olympian's from 1965 - 2003
Gallery of top bodybuilders from '65 to '03. The guy from '77 is a little on the skinny side... relatively speaking.

Best/Worst eBay sellers
I looked up a few of the worst at eBay. They've long been suspended, but I was amazed by how many people kept buying and buying from these sellers even after their rating reached the sub-zero level.

Negative/Neutral eBay Filter
Now this is a useful little bookmarklet. It lets you filter through all the feedback comments and extracts only the negative or neutral ones (which really are the ones that matter.)

IBM Flowcharting Techniques
A 40 page manual (PDF format) from 1970 explaining how to properly draw a flowchart. Why this page was in my backlog I do not know. I probably bookmarked it while I was trance-surfing at 3 AM one night.


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