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Bookmarklet Roundup

Here are the five fundamental bookmarklets of eBaying. Simply drag the links below to your Links bar (or to a folder on your Links bar), or right-click on the bookmarklet and manually add it to your Favorites. (Note: these work for Mozilla-based browsers only.)

eBay Edit Note

This bookmarklet lets you immediately add or edit a text note to an eBay item you're viewing. This is an improvement on the first version, which can be found here. It optionally lets you copy-and-paste an eBay item number from somewhere else. I also renamed it to more accurately describe its behavior. After installation, you may have to change the ebay.ca to ebay.com (or whatever country you're in) and EBAY_USER_ID to whatever your eBay ID is. Nevertheless, it seems to work if you don't make those changes.

eBay Goto Item

This lets you jump directly to an eBay item by copying-and-pasting the item number from somewhere else. You may have to change ebay.ca in the URL, depending on your country.

eBay Neg Feedback Filter

This will filter out all the positive feedbacks for a user, showing only the negative and neutral ones. (via Toolhaus.org)

Image Zoom In

Image Zoom Out

These will increase or decrease the sizes of all the images in a page, so you don't have to crane your neck to get a better look at a small picture. (both via Squarefree.com)


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