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Online Museums; HMS Victory

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MoOM: Museum of Online Museums
Self explanatory name. I really liked the drafting pencil museum, because I recognized a few of the things from first year Engineering in 1985 (in those days, we used PENCILS to draw lines!) I was like "hey, I had one of those! And I had one of those too!" It made me feel special.
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HMS Victory Cross Sections
Cross-sectional models of the British Warship HMS Victory.
Armed with 104 guns and a crew of 850 men, she served as the flagship of Lord Nelson until his death at the Battle of Trafalgar on October 21, 1805. She sustained extensive damage and never engaged in a battle again.
"One From The Church Village" tells me that the model is inaccurate in that the ballast at the time was iron ingots, not boulders.

In modern parlance, Napoleon was pwned in TBOT.


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