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Classic Goalie Masks

Classic Masks
Goalie masks from the olden days of the NHL and WHA. Those were the good old days, when character and artistic expression (not to mention scariness) overrode safety concerns.

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UPDATE: Here's a company that sells replica classic masks. The average cost is about $300 to $400 a pop. (Many thumbnails.)


  • At 3/21/2005 8:58 PM, The One From The Church Village said…

    I am sure any true hockey fan will already be aware of this (considering that a non- sportsfan like me knows), but Gerry Cheevers (image at http://users.aol.com/maskman33/cheev.jpg) started with a fresh mask each season, and painted a stitch-mark on every spot where he stopped a puck with his masked face.

    Sadly, the wire-faced helmets of the modern day just don't allow for this kind of ultra-coolness.

  • At 3/21/2005 8:59 PM, Derek said…

    Right you are, The One.

  • At 9/21/2007 4:28 PM, Red-Dog Lies... said…

    My name is michael burchmore- In 1958 my father, W A Burchmore invented the fiberglass goal tenders mask- It soon became a very important part of hockey history as he approached Jacques Plantes who eventually began to wear his masks and in fact became known(Wrongly so) as the inventer of the fiberglass hockey mask.

    I recently went through my fathers belongings and have come upon a very interesting collection of Drawings, Original photos , Patents, original invoices and various documents as well as 4 of the first goalie masks ever made by my father for Jacques plantes and Gerry McNeil.

    I am looking for some expert advice as to where or to whom i might be able to sell such valuable memorabilia(for the highest price possible of course)

    I was wondering if, in your hockey mask dealings you were aware of any such patries who might be interested in such items.

    best Regards,
    Michael William Burchmore,


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