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Magnetic Core Memories

A bunch of (mostly) picture-oriented pages on the subject of magnetic core memories...

This page has a picture of the first commercially produced core memory. It was for the IBM 405 Alphabetical Accounting Machine.

This page has a pic of a 13-plane x 4096 bit core memory stack.

MAGNETIC CORES (Naval Education and Training Command 1978)

This page has two nice pictures.

This page features some pictures of a 10,000 Bit magnetic core memory.

The Wikipedia page.

This page has some pics of rare rod-shaped cores.

Lengthy tutorial:
Magnetic Core Memory Principles

From this page:
It is 2.75 by 5.00 inches. Four blocks of 4,096 cores, two on each side, for a total of 16,384 cores, or a whopping 2KB. That's almost enough to store just the text on this page.


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