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Virtual StatRule

I've scanned another of my slide rules (holy Crap that takes a long time), this time the Pickett N525-ES StatRule. I was sort of disappointed with my StatRule. I thought it would be more "powerful" and capable of amazing statistical calculations, but it can do only basic things. Oh well. I'm not sure what I was expecting -- after all, it is just some pieces of metal sliding along each other.

As I was working on this one, I was thinking, "gee, at what point does collecting become an obsession, and when does that obsession turn into utter batshit insanity?" (That was just a random hypothetical thought of course, totally unrelated to slide rules.)

Link: Virtual Pickett N525-ES StatRule


  • At 4/26/2006 1:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good resolution - very usable.

    Thanks a lot.

  • At 4/26/2006 2:52 PM, Blogger Derek said…

    No problem.

  • At 8/14/2006 8:55 AM, Anonymous josepl said…

    Very interesting and usefull virtual Slide-Rule!

    Well Done!

  • At 8/14/2006 7:01 PM, Blogger Derek said…

    I'm glad you found it useful.

  • At 2/24/2009 10:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Your work is extraordinary. The rules and functionality are terrific. As it appears that you actually may have passed the obsession line, by adding explanations of the scales and a magnifying glass function, you may create company for yourself on the ward.
    Thanks for your efforts. Fairly few people realize that much of the work on the moon shots was done with slide rules.

  • At 2/24/2009 1:54 PM, Anonymous Derek said…

    Haha! I agree, the obsession with obsolete technology is almost ludicrous sometimes.


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