Point and Shoot Bokeh
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0 Comments Point and Shoot Bokeh - 2006-10-22 18:39:08

This is a little experiment to see how much bokeh my A620 can produce. I know that if I focus on something extremely small, like a grain of sand, then the background bokeh will be good.

My goal was to focus on something meaningful (in this case, D's face) and see how big the bokeh was. As you can see from the pic above, the bokeh for the A620 (at f/2.8) aint too great.

For more bokeh pics, take a look at flickr. They have 42,000 pictures tagged with bokeh.

Canon PowerShot A620
1/100 sec
f 2.8
7.3 mm
2006:10:21 11:02:54

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