NOTE: this page is a translation of Sailor Moon: Neat Things

The Moon Of Sailor: Ordered Things

Moon contents of sailor: Ordered Things:

The moon of sailor is an animated series approximately five girls of college with superb powers. Each character, or the sailor supervises, has an affinity with one of planets: Mercury, Come, the Mars, Jupiter, and the moon, and can transform into prestigious and sailor-agreed superheros. When they transform, they can gather the powers which are related in way or other to planet that they represent. For example, the mercury of sailor can howl " the BREATH of MERCURY BUBBLES " releasing a hail of the powerful projectiles blobby. No matter who who ever studied astronomy knows that mercury is a planet of the blowing bubbles (???).

As dorky as the concept resounds, it is a really large exposure! It is always good for a laughter; ** time-out ** slapstick hilarious, and  animation large (well, to compare other crap which on TV) and NICE character SOOO (real, nonnice, just to draw which way *). to have right right level sappy pathos more to make feel you a little better on the subject your life.

The series is based on a Japanese comic book (or Manga) and was initially intended for girls. However, something badly turned -- very badly. Not only the girls observed the exposure, but thus were the young boys... and the older girls... and most alarming of all, of the older boys (even adult). ** time-out ** series truth to propagate in Japan, and Sailormoon, such as inviting in Japan  (just to finish its 5' HT and final season) to draw a TV assistance 11% in Japan cuts its power, but now drawing only 5%, which so probable why cancel. In various translations, it is the number one in Spain, France and with hong kong. *** TRANSLATION ENDS HERE ***

Les 65 premiers épisodes (d'un total de 200) ont été doublés dans en raison anglais et montrés sur le marché nord-américain, mais annulé des estimations faibles aux USA. L'exposition ne s'est jamais propagée dans les états, probables parce qu'on lui a montré aux heures étranges (comme 4 le matin). *** TRANSLATION ENDS HERE ***Late breaking news: YTV has just start showing 17 new episodes on Saturday afternoons.

The series is doing great here in Canada -- it's shown daily on YTV. But, unfortunately because the DAMN YANKEES don't know how to market a show, we're stuck with watching reruns of the first 65 episodes, ad infinitum.

Oh well. If you feel terribly concerned about Sailor Moon being cancelled, take a look at the SOS (Save Our Sailors) homepage.

*I find it funny how line drawings of strange looking people with huge, glimmering eyes can trick the visual system into thinking that it's looking at something cute.

Here's some neat things I found at other sites. Click on the picture for a large image with better resolution. I copied most of the actual files from the other sites, because one of my greatest peeves are links that point to sites that either don't exist or are too busy to get to. I prevented that problem by keeping  copies of the actual files here.

These pictures are from Hitoshi Doi's gigantic site . That guy must have A LOT of spare time.

Kigurumi is a live show where the actors wear big-headed masks, and dance and sing etc. The kids really like it, I assume. I put these pictures here because they looked neat.

Sailor mars doing her thing

Four of the Sailor Scouts. Sailor Uranus, never seen in the NA series, is the one on the left.

Service with a smile!

Sailor Mercury (If she was a real human)

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Did you know that the voice actors on Sailor Moon are Canadians? The Voicestars site has bios and filmographies of the voice actors for NA Sailor Moon. The voicestars site is really cheezy.

Terri Hawkes, the voice of Sailor Moon,  also has a  fan page at Georges Scrapbook.

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These glamour shots are from the Lysator site.

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These are excerpts from the Sailor Moon comic. I can't read Japanese, so I can only guess what they are saying. From the Lysator site.

I think Usagi fixed an escalator using her powers.

Maybe Sailor Mars is heating a kettle with her powers.

I haven't the foggiest. Whatever's happening, Usagi's real mad.

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These are hologram trading cards of Chinese pop stars in Sailor Scout uniforms (???). From George's Scrapbook. George also sells Sailor Moon T-Shirts and posters.

Theresa Lee Yee Hung as Sailor Mars

Helina Tam as Sailor Moon

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Here are some sound files from Sailor Moon Sounds, part of the Meatball Head Moon Page. If you happen to have a T1 line coming into your home, maybe you can download some of the videos on that site, too. These sounds are from Japanese Sailor Moon. I chose these samples because they're something that you don't hear very often. Also, two of the samples are of the Sailor Scouts speaking English (in Japan, English is taught in school), and they sound neat. 

NOTE: The following citation is from the Meatball Head Moon Page.
Sailor Chibi Moon using her Pink Sugar Heart Attack! (She sounds so cute!)
AU format, 97 KB, 12.5 seconds

Usagi (Serena) saying in English (while she was drunk): Nice to meet you, cream stew
AU format, 29 KB, 4 seconds

Minako (Mina) saying: nice to meet you, Rei (Raye) saying: hello, Ami (Amy) saying: I'm glad to see you, Makoto (Lita) saying: thankyou!, and Rei correcting Makoto
AU format, 79 KB, 10 seconds

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Live Action Musical
These CDs are from the Sailor Moon musical. Unlike the kigurumi, the actors are not wearing masks. I think that they really sing, and a mask would block their voices. These were found at Starfox's Real Life Sailor Moon Characters.

Can we say "cognitive dissonance"? True to the original animated series, the Sailor Scouts in the musical version are all fabulous babes. Nice legs. Suddenly, my appreciation of Sailor Moon has reached a totally new level. This picture with all those Sailor Scouts FIGHTING and PUNCHING brings my fanboy-ness to a frenzied pitch! This CD has several characters that aren't in NA SM .

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