A web maker with his tool

This is the best shareware editor I've seen. It's a full-featured WYSIWIG interface that supports most of the latest HTML extensions. It even doubles as a web browser, allowing you to check your real webpage from within the editor, including off-site links. The "MiniWeb" feature has promise , it helps organize a site with alot of links, but a nasty bug prevents miniweb-deleted files from reaching the recycle bin. So, if you delete a file from within a MiniWeb, it's gone forever.

Winsock FTP client
Lets you transfer files to and from your UNIX account. The layout is super-intuitive, the left half of the app is the directory of the local machine, the right half is for the remote machine. Buttons are available to transfer, delete, rename, and more. This is also winsock based, so you can do file transfers and browser testing simultaneously.

EWAN Telnet
EWAN stands for "Emulator Without A Name". It's a winsock telnet that lets you log into your UNIX account, even if you are currently running a web browser. This allows you to alter read/execute permissions for web files, and then immediately test the result on a web browser.

EMAIL: derekr@escape.ca