Pictures from Banff (and elsewhere)
Andrew, Me and Carey Biking

This is near Lake Louise. The trail was mostly fire-road, with some really rooty, wooded areas.

Andrew and Carey Dismounting from a Chairlift

This scene shows Andrew and Carey at their best. They've just left the chair in this photo. Andrew is cutting sharply to the left. He has to put has hand down to maintain balance (hey, even the pros have to do that, especially when you're at the bleeding edge of performance).

Carey is accelerating rapidly: he must lean forward to counteract the air-drag at that high velocity. He's doing his trademark move, whereby he removes his rear foot from the binding to allow him more flexibility, and therefore greater potential for radical hot-dogging.

The parent in the background is shielding his childs eyes from this scene. He knows that if the kid sees this amazing display, he would grow up with only one desire: to be a "thrasher dude".

Our Campsite at Yoho

This was a lovely scenic area, with a rushing river right by our tent. It made for a very relaxing night of sleep. Until 6 in the morning, when a gaggle of crows congregated on the adjacent trees.

YA KNOW, the national parks of Canada would be a whole lot better if the government simply exterminated the species that were inconvenient to tourists.

Andrew and Carey Snowboarding
Carey Showboarding
Andrew Before the Hoodoos

The hoodoos are boulders that were deposited on a gravelly aggregate, eons ago, and the rainfall over the centuries eroded the material around the boulders, leaving them sitting on columns.

Carey Snowboarding
Andrew, Christina and Carey Biking

Also near Lake Louise.

Carey, Christina and Andrew before Mt Chancellor

In Yoho.

Christina on the Trail from the Hoodoos

In Yoho.

Groovy Cloud Formation

Taken in Winnipeg from my balcony.

This picture hasn't been enhanced in any way. The light from sunset was hitting the bottom of a cloud cover, and the reflected light was casting a really red glow on the environment (which, sadly, isn't apparent in this picture).