I went to the University of Manitoba. I have a BScEE. That means "bachelor of science in electrical engineering". The Americans call it a BSEE. Canadians thought the the "BS" part of the acronym might be mistaken for another common acronym, so they changed it to BSc. Before they changed it, nobody hired Canadian engineers: everyone thought they were "BS's", or "barons of scientology".

My pet peeve is when I am driving and the guy in front of me is using his brake to moderate his speed. Instead of letting-up on the gas to slow down in order to maintain a constant speed, he will instead use the brakes. This causes me to step on my brakes, because I associate brake-lights in front of me with people coming to a stop, so I think that the guy in front is going to stop. But he doesn't stop. He just keeps going. Yet the brake lights continue to flash on and off. I really hate that.

The only constant in my life is change. The only thing I don't tolerate is intolerance. The only thing I eat are edible objects. But the definition of "edible object" behooves me. Obviously, Chicken McNuggets are not edible objects. Yet people eat them. How could this be?

My favorite hobby is mountain biking. The wind in my hair, the sunlight on my face, the gravel in my mouth... it's always an exhilarating experience. The other mountain bikers don't like me though. They always have to "remind" me that my Harley chews up the trails.

I live in an apartment in the Winnipeg. Until recently a few years ago, I've always lived with other roommates. Now I know why living alone is so great. You can do everything in the nude! The only thing you shouldn't do naked is fry bacon. That very activity was responsible for several embarrassing trips to the emergency room. That, and vacuum cleaning.

I hope you like my web page. My doctor made me do it as part of my treatment. I really feel much better now. Thank you.